Look no further!! Boss Lady Creative Design Agency offers affordable Event Branding Packages to help your event have the professional and successful look it needs.

With over 9 years of experience creating event branding and marketing for local, regional, state and National Indigenous events, we are no stranger to knowing what is needed and what works for event branding.

We here at Boss Lady Creative Design Agency create an Event Identity Kit to cater to the target audience of your event as well as conveying all themes and messages needed.

Our Event Identity Kit consists of the following:

  • Event Logo Creation

  • Event Promotional Flyer

  • Social Media Sites and Marketing material for sites to promote

  • Lanyard Designs

  • Signage for event

  • Website for event

  • Branded Program/booklet for the event

  • Branded event bag and design

  • Branded Event Staff T-Shirt Design

  • Event Branding and logo over all printed material whether it be score sheets for sporting events, registration & sign in forms, welcome information packages, Gift bag merchandise

  • Event Branding design for all promotional merchandise such as pens, key rings, hats and much more

  • We also liase with your event sponsors if needed to put your mind at ease and to ensure their company are properly marketed and placed on all your promotional marketing material for your event according to their specific requests.

  • Digital promotional material to send online, promote on social media and place on the web for your event.


All our Event Identity Kits are catered specifically to each of our clients according to their needs, and the above mentioned are but a few of the multitude of event branding ideas we can custom design for you and your company.


For a more In-depth Information Package or more info about what else is included in this package please contact us today: design@bossladycreativedesign.com.au